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Healthy Athletes

Special Olympics is the world’s largest public health organization for people with intellectual disabilities, providing access to free health services for a population with significant unmet health needs. 






Statistics show that individuals with intellectual disabilities often do not receive the health care attention they need. Our impact on the health and well-being of our athletes is significant, in some cases life-saving, by discovering unknown health issues or providing health care that otherwise would not have been available. Our ultimate goal is to improve each athlete’s ability to train and compete in Special Olympics as well as succeed in life.



Healthy Athletes provides basic health care screenings and testing to Special Olympics Nebraska athletes at no cost.


Any Special Olympics Nebraska athlete who has a valid medical form on file is welcome to participate in the Healthy Athletes Program.



According to the World Health Organization, despite the severe need and higher health risks, people with intellectual disabilities are denied health services, community interventions, and there is a lack of targeted interventions and programs for the population. Health care professionals who volunteer with Special Olympics have found that Special Olympics athletes are at increased risk of secondary health issues. 

On a Typical Team of 10 Special Olympics Athletes:



Special Olympics Health programs not only serves athletes but also trains healthcare professionals.  After working with Healthy Athletes, there dedicated professionals go back to their practices with increased knowledge of and compassion for people with intellectual disabilities.


To learn more about the being a Health Volunteer, visit our link below.