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Volunteer Opportunities: Beyond Sports

Volunteer on a regular basis beyond a sports environment. Help us with our school programs, free health screenings, or mentor an athlete through our Athlete Leadership Program! If you have the enthusiasm, compassion, and skill to serve our athletes, these roles might be right for you! 



Review our volunteer opportunities below. If you see an opportunity that is right for you, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form using the link below. Once the form is submitted, our volunteer manager will reach out with more details on availability, need and further steps. 

In most cases working with our athletes, a Category A Background Check is required. 




Athlete Leadership Mentor

Mentors play an important role in the Athlete Leadership Program. In order for athlete leaders to prepare for and undertake meaningful positions of influence and leadership on and off the playing field, it is imperative that they have a partner in their quest to become the best athlete leader they can be. To learn more about how to become an ALP's Mentor, click here.


Coach—Young Athletes 

The 8-week Young Athletes Program provides a set of lessons through games and activities that focus on developing fitness, strength, body awareness, adaptive skills, and visual tracking skills. Young Athletes coaches implement these training sessions and work alongside the athletes in a positive and fun environment. To learn more about our Young Athletes Program, click here.


Health Volunteer

 Our health volunteers provide free health screenings in 8 different disciplines to our athletes. Health volunteers are able to engage directly with our athletes and provide important health screenings to make sure our athletes are prepared to compete their best on the playing field. To learn more about our health volunteer opportunities, click here.



Volunteer Photographers help capture the beautiful moments during our events. They are engaging and inclusive and take pictures of programs activities, events and interactions that we can share with our athletes and their families.


Youth Activation Committee

The Special Olympics Youth Activation Committee (YAC) is a group of youth comprised of members with and without intellectual disabilities from across the state. This group works together throughout the year to educate, motivate, and activate youth to become agents of change. To learn more about how to become a YAC member, click here.