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USA Games



 June 5-11th 2022, ORLANDO, FL



Congratulations Team Nebraska!

We are excited to announce the athletes, Unified Partners & coaches who will be representing Team Nebraska at the 2022 USA Games.


Sport Athletes Unified Partners Coach
Athletics Isiah Pope, Gregg Campion, Tiffany Campion, Shea Delanie
Bill Campion
Basketball Matt Hoffman, Wyatt Spalding, Adam Kronberg, Corey Riha, Paul Riha, Tyler Reiman Austin Hoffman, Connor Hoffman, Weston Spalding, Evan Roberts Cory Piercy, Tim Hoffman, Dylan Sendgraff
Bocce Eric Lochiano, Rachel Slobin Travis Heller, Mary Ann Slobin Barb Rolf
Bowling Jared Gies, Jason Gieschen, Allie Moore, Tencie Tonniges
Rob Hampton
Golf Brent Apo-Hruska Johnny Moen Mike Messerole
Powerlifting Craig Schutt, Rachel Mulligan
Mike Sissel
Swimming Dexter Drbal, Henry Bishop, Elizabeth Pfister, Skylar Simmond
Dennis Drbal
Tennis Patrick McCracken, Haley Waggoner
Nancy Samson

The Special Olympics USA Games is a premier, national sports competition that showcases the power and joy of sports at the highest levels.


The USA Games take place every four years with previous host cities being: Ames, Iowa (2006); Lincoln, Nebraska (2010); Lawrenceville, New Jersey (2014); and Seattle, Washington (2018). The next USA Games will be held in Orlando, FL (2022).


For more information about the next USA Games, click below.