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With people social distancing and self quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic we want to provide tools and resources to help our athletes and their families to remain healthy and active during this time. As this pandemic unfolds, in the coming weeks, we will be providing more tools, resources, and activities


Stay Fit at Home BINGO


B-I-N-G-O, who doesn't like a fun game of BINGO! This month you will choose your own wellness adventure by filling up a BINGO card. Each week we will post a new card to complete. Complete 5 in a row or the whole card for a blackout this week. Share pictures or video of you doing one of the activities below to

Fitness Challenge


Each week of the month, utilize these weekly calendars with daily fitness, nutrition and health tips. We want to help you become the best athlete you can possibly be and these workouts and tips will help to get you there. Each week try to set a personal goal for yourself, whether it is doing more reps, drinking more water or even brushing your teeth more. We want you to continue to be healthy and active even while you remain at home. Reminder wear proper clothing, check your surroundings and follow any doctors orders prior to working out.  Each week will post a 60 seconds challenge on Facebook, please post pictures/videos so we can continue to acknowledge and showcase our athletes abilities and success'!


Young Athletes


  • Guide for families and caregivers on how to run Young Athletes activities at home.

  • Fun and engaging flashcards featuring each of the individual activities and at home equipment modifications for families to use at home to run Young Athletes.

  • Videos demonstrating the individual Young Athletes activities.

  • Poster for families to track the various healthy behaviors they do at home.



  • o Fit 5 Guide: Educational guide and tracker for athletes to focus on fitness
    o Fitness Cards: A series of leveled exercises in endurance, strength and flexibility. These cards can be done at home and with little equipment.
    o Fitness Videos: Videos portraying the exercises in the fitness cards. Athletes can follow along to with the videos to get a great workout!

  • Simple week long calendar that athletes can follow to stay fit. Week long calendar can be repeated as needed. Athletes can sign up on the link in the resource to receive newsletter with content from Health Messengers to for tips and ideas on how to stay active.

  • Officially launching on Wednesday, March 18th across the Special Olympics movement, School of Strength is an interactive online platform that encourages athletes to participate in a fun and engaging training program that they can do in the comfort of their own homes. Developed in partnership with WWE superstar Becky Lynch, this series of videos, a fitness tracker, a coach’s playbook and a caregiver toolkit all contribute to helping athletes focus on nutrition and fitness and getting the most out of their workouts.

  • Education and Fitness at Your Finger Tips. The UNO Physical Education and Activity class created workouts for balance, cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance, muscular strength, full-body, yoga, flexibility, and core. Turn on your favorite music and workout with these Unified Partners.



With the help of athletes and Program Staff, we have developed a 30 minute eLearning course for our Special Olympics community about COVID-19.  This course is designed to cover the basic information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) including: what is the coronavirus, what are the symptoms, how does it spread, and how you can protect yourself.


  • Please see instructions for accessing this course.

  • We encourage the entire Special Olympics community to to complete this module.