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The 2024 Winter Fitness Combine was designed with flexibility in mind!

The goal of the program is to provide Special Olympics Nebraska athletes and partners with a six-week training program that will increase strength, flexibility, and overall physical performance that can be done at home, school or at a team practice.  Each week there is one challenge to record.  You will submit one top score from your entire each week.  


Registration & Weekly Score Submission


This competition is open to participants of all ages. We highly encourage school classrooms, athletes, unified partners and family members to get in on the competition.  

 One person will be the team captain and register the whole group.  The team captain will submit the top score of the team each week.  Last day for score submission is April 5th, 


Fitness Combine Play Book

This playbook contains everything you need for the challenge.  It provides instructions, adaptive exercises and weekly workout guides.  



Registration:   There is no limit on the number of team members. When you register by February 16th you will receive a guide and instruction manual. Registration link.

Competition:  You will be competing against teammates to get #StrongerEveryday.

Scoring:  Team will submit the top score from their team each week.  You will be competing against your teammates and then that score will be competing against all of the other Winter Fitness Challenge participants across the state.  Final Date for Score Submission April 5th

Workouts:  Each week you will be giving a workout guide including the combine challenge of the week. you are encouraged to work out for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.  

Participants:  This competition is open to participants of all ages. Athletes, Coaches, Unified Partners & Household Family Members.

Questions?  Reach out to a SONE staff member at