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Athlete ALPS Interest Form

Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Program (ALPS) allows athletes to explore opportunities for participation in roles previously considered “non-traditional". Special Olympics Nebraska partners with the Gallup Organization to train and mentor athletes to become leaders in their schools and communities. The program focuses on public speaking skills so athletes can share their stories with others. As an integral component of Special Olympics’ dedication to empowerment and dignity, Athlete Leadership initiatives provide new opportunities for athletes and benefit the movement as a whole. 


The Athlete Leadership programs pairs each athlete with a mentor from their community, who guides them through the program offering support, instilling confidence and creating a genuine bond. Through the program athletes gain self awareness by learning about their unique strengths. Throughout the course athletes craft a speech about their experiences, learn presentation skills, how to set goals, and how their advocacy contributes to their team and the Special Olympics Movement. 


Fill out the form below to register an athlete for the Athlete Leadership Program:


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