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Roller Skating

Roller Skating is a lifetime fitness sport, well-suited for both children and adults. In addition to building cardiovascular fitness, it contributes to the development of balance and coordination. Another major benefit is the sport’s potential for social integration as a recreational activity. People who master basic skills can participate in family, school, church, and community roller skating outings. The wide range of competitive events offered meet the needs of athletes with limited balance and challenge those with advanced skill.


This sport offers traditional and Unified events!





Roller Skating season begins in March and trains for 8 weeks before Summer Games in May.



  • 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2x100, 2x200, 4x100 Meter Races 
  • 30 M Slalom Race, 30 M Straight Line Race


  • 2x100, 2x200, 4x100 Meter Relay Races



Currently, Roller Skating is offered the following communities:



  • West Point


East Central

  • Lincoln


West Central

  • Grand Island


Don't see your community listed above? Email us to learn more about how to get Roller Skating started in your area!