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Inspirations By Melissa: Police Ball Edition

Special Olympics Nebraska,

The 4th Annual Police Officers Ball was held at Century Link Omaha Grand Ballroom on April 22nd of 2017. The athletes and staff of Special Olympics who all attended to this fancy and elegant event were Isiah Pope, Beth Nietzl, Grace Green Wood Rachel Mulligan, Matt Morrison, the staff Sandi Hansen, Erin Stoll, Katie Kellar, our athlete guest speaker Melissa Giersch and our very own president and CEO of Special Olympics Nebraska Carolyn Chamberlin. Some of these athletes met and greeted some of the police officers and their guests. I could tell they were having fun.

It’s always so moving to see the honor guard the colors we represent and hearing the National Anthem. It’s something I enjoy and it always puts a smile on my face and I feel proud every time I hear it and see it. It makes me proud to be an American. We had an blessing before we started the program and welcomed everyone here tonight at the Omaha Police Officers Ball. The food was good and the desserts were elegant and excellent. Once Anna Urban introduced the next speaker our very own athlete guest speaker Melissa Nicole Giersch. Once I got up on stage I knew I had to face my fears once I saw the audience My fear is freezing up in front of everyone that is what scares me the most! But, I did it I conquered my fear!! A huge thanks to my mom and the Special Olympics staff for being there for me they believe in me and that always makes me feel good inside. The 2017 Peer Nominated award winners are: The Excellence award Sergant Pam Volk and retired officer Don Hill.

The Spirit of BLUE Award Blue Knights Nebraska. The Award of Exemplary Fortitude OFCR Jordan Bandt, OFCR Kenneth Rowe OFCR, Dale Thomas, OFCR Aaron Anderson, OFCR, Austain Taylor. The winner of the Kerri Orcozo Service Award to Ken Kanger Lieutenant. Once you get a bunch of people and a dance floor of course there’s dancing and the athletes had such a blast on the dance floor just dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

All the funds from the Omaha Police Officer’s Ball goes to the Special Olympics Nebraska. Thank you to all the donors and the strong supporters you all always impact our lives and change it for the better, and I can’t stress that enough. To Kerri Orcozo thank you for being our guardian of the flame for us athletes but you know who’s the now the next True Guardian of the flame us athletes are because you and the Special Olympics staff has shown us how to be thee Guardian of thee FLAME OF Hope. And Kerri Orcozo will remain in our hearts forever.

Inspirations By Melissa Giersch AKA Athlete Correspondent.