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Inspirations By Melissa

Special Olympics Nebraska- All Star Event Recap

The Fred Johnson All Star Event was held in Wichita Kansas June 9th through June 11th 2017.
Omaha Tennis Buddies took charge to Wichita by carpooling with each other. We got to the hotel we checked in got to our rooms and we rested up then we had dinner at the hotel we had Jimmy John’s and other goodies. Some athletes played card games and others enjoyed the pool. It was a lot of fun. Then it was time for bed to rest up.

In the morning, after breakfast we warmed up our serves and our returns. Then we got started with team photos. The most challenging thing of the day was the howling of the wind. We all went to the All Sport fun park and we had a blast and I took some good pics. Lazer tag was so much fun.

The next morning we had breakfast got ready and play again. The wind was still howling but we had a lot fun we played really good players. My experience at the All Star Event was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing tennis with other athletes from other states. We wrapped up the weekend with lunch and awards. Our coaches even got awards, which they really deserve.

Athlete Correspondent Melissa Giersch