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Inspirations by Melissa!


The Special Olympics Champions Together luncheon was held on Wednesday Nov. 16th 2016 at Happy Hollow Country Club. John Knicely started the program welcoming everyone to the luncheon. The Special Olympics Nebraska athletes marched in with hope, pride, confidence and individuality. Personally, I was a bit nervous being recognized in front of so many people! Athlete Grace Greenwood did an amazing job on the Special Olympic's oath; "Let me win, but if I can not win let me be brave in the attempt". Father Ryan Lewis did the Invocation before we had lunch. Carolyn Chamberlin spoken about our mission and vision, future plans including expanding Med Fests. Then there was a video that left me inspired and speechless! What stood out for me was Alisa Hoffman’s story about her son Matt Hoffman.

When Luke Paladino spoke about his son Erik Paladino, I teared up and it hit close to home to me. When athlete Eric Lochiano gave his ”Be Brave” speech, it inspired me. It made me feel like I can do anything, be anything and not to worry about limitations or my disabilities. BE BRAVE! Us athletes are unique, kind-hearted, strong and courageous. That’s what I would also say about the Special Olympic staff.

When Greg Harris gave his speech, it made me think no matter what people say, us athletes know who we truly are and that is a Champion. We can all become champions is by being true to ourselves. Eye of the tiger eye of the Champion. The athletes who all came to this event Eric Lochaino spokesmen, Grace Greenwood spokesmen, Casey Lacey, Kristin Davey, Will Thornton, Matt Hoffman Rachel Mulligan and last but not least Melissa Giersch. Thank you to John Knicely for your time and for being our spokesman for this event. Thank you donors and Special Olympic staff we couldn't do this all without you, you are all truly amazing. Thank you Special Olympics staff you gave us the tools to become who we are: athletes. From one athlete to Special Olympic staff we all say thank you for everything you've done for all of us. Special Olympics is the best program and to me it’s not just a program its a place to be accept and respected.

Inspirations By Melissa Giersch