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Get Fit for Sport with SONE this Spring!

Special Olympics GET FIT FOR SPORT Challenge is a program designed to help everyone associated with Special Olympics, including Athletes, Families, Coaches, Volunteers, Staff, Board Members, and Friends. The purpose of the program is to get active and fit … promoting healthy lifestyles through regular physical activity, sports participation and healthy eating. GET FIT FOR SPORT is planned to motivate people of all ages to be physically active and eat healthy on a regular basis by participating in and tracking the activities they enjoy.

The great thing about GET FIT FOR SPORT is that ALL activities count! GET FIT FOR SPORT is a tool that can be used to provide education on the importance of a healthy lifestyle as well as tracking and recognition to help participants reach their activity and nutrition goals.

Getting registered is very simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. To sign up, Click here and scroll down to “Take Part in the Challenge”
2. Click on “Sign up for Get Fit for Sport”, then click on Nebraska.
3. Scroll down to where it says “Create an Account”. Before you click this link, take a look at the example username. You will have one letter with your affiliation, then your first initial and last name. (For example, I am an “Other”, so my username is O-knovicki)
4. Enter in your username, password, and other information, then click the box to “agree to the terms and conditions”, enter the given code, and click register.
5. Once you are logged on, scroll to the top and click on the tab titled “Tracker”

Each week you will select a nutrition goal and record your physical activity.

-For the nutrition goal, if it is reached, you will check the box for that given week.
-To record your physical activity, click the drop down list that says “Presidents Challenge Activities” and select your activity, then fill in how long you did that activity in the duration box. You are able to record multiple activities each day!
-You can record your physical activity each day, or at the end of each week.

To log in again after registering:

1. Go to
2. Scroll down and click “Login”
3. Enter your username and password that you created when you registered.
4. Click on the “Tracker” tab.
Your progress will always be charted on the right side of the screen on the “Tracker” tab.

Healthy Habits Update:

In addition to participating in the PALA + program, Special Olympics Nebraska has also revamped their own Healthy Habits program. We are really going to be focusing on the physical activity that our athletes participate in, and it is our goal to make sure all athletes are getting the proper amount of exercise each week. In addition to exercise, we will have a monthly nutrition goal that we hope all athletes will strive to achieve.

In order to achieve these nutrition and exercise goals, be sure to check out our new Special Olympcis Nebraska Healthy Habits and Healthy Athletes Facebook page. On this page there will be articles written by Hy-Vee dieticians, tips for how to get the most physical activity in each day, and finally ideas that will make reaching the nutrition goal easier. If you would like more information on this program, please contact Katie Novicki at, or (402)331-5545 X23.