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Return to Play


Updated Protocol for Return to Play

Last Updated 7/7/2022

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 throughout the state, Special Olympics Nebraska is continuing in person competitions. Programs can continue to train, practice and participate in any activity that is offered.

Upcoming Events/ Competitions


Fall Games- August 5-7

  • Friday
    • Softball 
  • Saturday
    • Tennis
    • Bocce
  • Sunday
    • Golf

Equestrian- September 11th

Unified Bowling- October 8th

Flag Football & Soccer- October 22-23

Unified Champion Schools- August- January

Covid-19 Vaccine Information

All individuals participating in Special Olympics Nebraska activities are strongly recommended and encouraged to be vaccinated, though it is not currently required.  All athletes, coaches, Unified partners may provide their vaccination information below. We would still like to collect this information for data purposes and in the case that we do have to go back to requiring it. 


Below is a graph outlining the requirements for our upcoming events. Participants are not required to be vaccinated or provide a negative test to practice or attend a regional competition; although, we do encourage you to provide proof of vaccine to our state office you have it. 

*If numbers reach 200+ per 100,000 new cases we will evaluate the status' of these events listed on a case by case basis.

After fall events we will revaluate these protocols based on the climate surrounding Covid at the time and the guidance of our state. We will communicate prior January 2023 we will communicate what to expect for the new year. 

Event Event Type Vaccine or Neg.Test Requirement Date to provide info.
Fall Games State REQUESTED 8/5 @12:00pm
Equestrian State REQUESTED 9/9 @12:00pm
Unified Bowling State REQUESTED 10/7 @12:00pm
Flag Football State REQUESTED 10/21 @12:00pm
Soccer State RQUESTED 10/21 @12:00pm


Mask Regulations

Regarding masks, we will be following local/venue guidelines. If a city or venue has a mask mandate then we will require participants and spectators to wear a mask. Otherwise, we do strongly suggest your wear a mask when indoors and in close proximity to others when socially distancing isn't possible. 

Travel/ Accommodations

Teams are permitted to travel and stay together when traveling to state competitions. Please adhere to SONE's Housing Policy. 

Fundraising Events

Proof of vaccine or negative test is not required for fundraising events. Each event will be evaluated on a case by case basis and are required to follow the guidelines of any local mandates that are in place. 


Healthy Athletes 

The same rules will apply to Healthy Athlete screening as are in place for all SONE state competitions. 

Covid Resources


Best Practices

Pre Event

  • Turn in all required information to SONE office
  • Read all SONE guidelines in preparation for the event
  • Sanitize equipment

Post Event

  • Sanitize equipment
  • Notify SONE office if any one contracted Covid-19 after attending our event

*This allows for contact tracing. We will do our best to contact anyone who was in close contact with a positive case.