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Youth Activation Committee

What We Do


The Special Olympics Youth Activation Committee is a group of youth comprised of members with and without intellectual disabilities from across the state. This group works together throughout the year to educate, motivate, and activate youth to become agents of change in their communities and advocate for the respect, inclusion, and acceptance of all people, regardless of abilities. The goal of the State YAC is to reach out to other youth, promote the Unified Champion Schools Program by talking with school administrators, and to help carry out social justice for all people.

How We Do It   


The Youth Activation Committee will collaborate with the Special Olympics Nebraska office to carry out Special Olympics initiatives, events and activities. The Youth Activation Committee will increase the partnership between youth and adults to reach more people to educate, motivate and activate. Avenues to accomplish these goals include:

• Planning a state-wide Youth Summit

• Planning, promoting and carrying out Spread the Word Inclusion campaigns in their communities

• Providing student perspectives and feedback regarding Unified Sports

• Recording public service announcements (PSAs) to inform communities about Special Olympics initiatives

Get Involved


To be eligible for the Special Olympics Nebraska Youth Activation Committee, you must:

• Be a Junior or Senior during the 2020-21 school year

• Fill out the Youth Activation Committee application

• Go through interview process 

• All members need to be available for meetings at least twice a year in person as well as scheduled conference calls

• Supply a letter of recommendation from your school

The Youth Activation Committee for the 2020-21 school year will be selected in June 2020 and is comprised of twelve students. Half of the twelve students are juniors and the other half seniors. We will choose students from across Nebraska to serve on the Youth Activation Committee. Approximately half will be 2020-21 juniors and half will be 2020-21 seniors. 2020-21 Juniors will serve a 2-year term.