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Banner Unified Champion Schools

To achieve National Banner Recognition Status, schools must incorporate and sustain 10 standards, including: Unified Sports (where students with and without disabilities train and compete as teammates), Inclusive Youth Leadership and Whole-School Engagement. Banner Unified Champion Schools should also be able to demonstrate being self-sustainable, a plan in place to sustain these activities into the future. Once your school achieves this status, not only is your school recognized on the Special Olympics International website, you also get an awesome pep rally and are awarded a gym-sized banner to celebrate your outstanding achievements!


Our Schools

Congratulations to the Nebraska schools listed below who have been nationally recognized with the honor of being named a Banner Unified Champion School. Thank you for being leaders in change, advocates for your peers, and true testaments of the impact of inclusion



  1. Ashland-Greenwood High School
  2. Elkhorn South High School
  3. Hillside Elementary School
  4. LeMay Elementary 
  5. Lincoln Southwest High School
  6. Loveland Elementary School
  7. Millard North High School
  8. Millard North Middle School
  9. Millard South High School
  10. Millard West High School
  11. Oakdale Elementary School
  12. Paddock Road Elementary
  13. Papillion-La Vista South High School
  14. Papillion-LaVista High School
  15. Prairie Lane Elementary School
  16. Rockbrook Elementary School
  17. Scottsbluff High School
  18. Shelby Rising City Elementary
  19. Shelby Rising City Middle/High School
  20. Southeast High School
  21. Sunset Hills Elementary School
  22. Swanson Elementary School
  23. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  24. Westbrook Elementary School
  25. Westgate Elementary School
  26. Westside High School
  27. Westside Middle School


What It Takes


The 10 standards that must be met for a school to earn national recognition varies depending on the school level. Use the guides below to learn more about what it takes to become a Unified Banner School at your level.


To learn more about getting your school recognized as a Unified Champion Banner School, contact us.