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This year, 2022, marks 50 YEARS of Special Olympics Nebraska!

That is 50 YEARS of life-changing programming being offered to athletes across our state. Celebrate this milestone with us as we share 50 Stories for 50 Years, a video series sharing stories of the amazing people that make up our movement. From athletes to coaches, volunteers to families, join us as we honor the past 50 years with everyone who helps make Special Olympics Nebraska special





Meet Judy Stubblefield

Judy has been involved in our movement for over three decades wearing many different hats while always making an impact for our athletes.

Meet Tencie Tonniges

Tencie has been a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete for over 20 years and wants to prove that athletes are capable of whatever they put their minds to.

Meet Aiden and Brayden Schmieding

These twin brothers share how there is a place for everyone at Special Olympics Nebraska. 

Meet Danielle Thiessen

Danielle discusses our long-term partnership with the Pediatric Therapy Center through our Young Athletes program.

Meet Kerry Zingg

Kerry is Head of Delegation for our Lincoln Shooting Stars team and has been part of our movement for almost 50 years!

Meet Joe Sullivan

Joe got involved through his employer and long-term Special Olympics Nebraska partner, US Bank, and has since been a wonderful volunteer and advocate for our athletes.

Meet Rueben Silva

Reuben started out as a volunteer for Special Olympics Nebraska over three decades ago and has been a valuable resource as we have grown. 

SONE Education

 Special Olympics Nebraska President & CEO, Carolyn Chamberlin, discusses how our Education programming is transforming schools across our state.

Meet Isiah Pope

Isiah is a great teammate and shares some of the awesome opportunities he has had during his time as a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete!

SONE Young Athletes

Special Olympics Nebraska Youth and Schools Program Director, Megan Loberg-Simmering highlights the importance of our Young Athletes programming.

Meet Nikki Glover

Nikki has been involved for over three decades as an athlete, coach and official for Special Olympics!

Meet the Paladino Family

The Paladinos got involved with Special Olympics Nebraska through our Young Athletes program and over the years their participation has grown to include the whole family!

Meet the Moore Family

Connie, Melissa, and Russell have made Special Olympics Nebraska a family activity for the three decades Russell has been an athlete!

Meet Garrett Stipke

Garrett shares his passion for the competition and opportunities that come with being a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete.

Meet Heather and Nick Wright

Heather and Nick discuss Special Olympics Nebraska's growth as Nick has been involved from age 2 and what that has meant to their family. 

Meet Wyatt and Wes Spalding

Twin brothers Wyatt and Wes discuss the different opportunities they have had within the Special Olympics movement and the impact that has made on their lives. 

Meet Holly Busse

Holly is a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete and shares what she loves about sports, her teammates, and life outside of competition.

Meet Dr. Gary Westerman

Dr. Westerman was Special Olympics Nebraska's first Clinical Director for our Healthy Athletes discipline Special Smiles.

Meet Barb Rolf

Barb talks about why she loves being a Special Olympics Nebraska coach as she enters her fourth decade of involvement.

Meet Allie Moore

Allie is a Special Olympics Nebraska Athlete Leader and member of our Athlete Input Council.

SONE Health

Special Olympics Nebraska President & CEO, Carolyn Chamberlin, highlights the impact that our health programming offers. 

Meet Jeff Boston

Jeff is a long-time volunteer for Special Olympics Nebraska and Director of our Nebraska Law Enforcement Torch Run Council.

Meet Taylor Hand, Emma Jud, and Kat Trvdy

Taylor, Emma and Kat are members of Special Olympics Nebraska's Youth Activation Committee and share how they are making a difference in their schools. 

Meet Melissa Giersch

Melissa has been a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete for decades and has some inspiring words to share.

Meet Greg Harris

Greg has been involved with Special Olympics Nebraska for decades as a brother of an athlete, and now is the Chairman of our Board of Directors.

Meet Joe and Marge Volpert

Joe and Marge share the impact they see through Special Olympics Nebraska after decades of coaching together.

Meet Mark Walz

Mark speaks about the long-standing partnership between Special Olympics Nebraska and Farmers Mutual of Nebraska and how it has impacted his life.

Meet Jason Gieschen

Jason is a wonderful example of all Special Olympics Nebraska athletes are capable of. 

Meet Bob and Nathan Veal

This father and son team share how being involved in the Law Enforcement Torch run for Special Olympics Nebraska has become a family passion that helps impact athletes across the state.

Meet Sophie and Joey

Learn how US Youth Ambassadors, Sophie and Joey, are change makers using the power of inclusion.

Meet Dan Masters

Dan conveys the growth and impact of Unified Sports programming because of Special Olympics Nebraska's partnership with the Nebraska School Activities Association. 

Meet Tyler Reiman

Tyler shares his experience as a Special Olympics Nebraska athlete. 

Meet Jennifer Behlmann

Jennifer discusses the growth she has seen in the over 20 years she has spent with SONE as a coach and parent.


Special Olympics Nebraska President & CEO, Carolyn Chamberlin, highlights the impact that our sports programming offers. 

Meet Candice O'Neil

Candice shares the impact Special Olympics Nebraska has had on her life after over a decade of volunteering. 

Meet Kristina Davey

Kristina shares why she is proud to be a Special Olympics Nebraska Athlete and advocate.

Meet the Shannon Family 

Jeff, Jen, Mallory and Brady share their experiences with Special Olympics Nebraska since getting Brady involved with our Young Athletes program.