Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge Tips

Here are some tips to keep you cool at the Polar Plunge

Wear shoes when you Plunge

It is required that Plungers wear shoes. We recommend tennis shoes, water shoes or sandals that strap to your feet, not flip flops please. This will keep your feet from freezing as you wait for your turn and some of our plunge locations do have rocky bottoms.

Safety first!

Each Plunge has EMS and a Dive Team on site to protect you. There are very few occasions where emergency help is needed, but it’s always nice to have someone in the water and near the water to help.

We do ask all plungers to help us keep the event safe by stressing that here is NO DIVING. Plungers actually run or walk into the water that’s only a depth of 3-4 ft, so diving is not permitted.

Bring a towel and change of clothes to help you warm up

Each Plunge location has a heated tent or room to change in after you plunge. It’s also nice to have a buddy with you to hold your towels or blankets so you can wrap up right away and then change.

Make your Plunge unique with a creative costume

Costumes aren't required, but add to the festivities. You may even leave with a prize for best costume or team theme!

Remember... this is a family event

Plungers wearing inappropriate costumes or swim wear may be asked to leave. This is a family event with plungers of all ages. Please use your best judgment.

Bask in the glory of your achievement!

Not everyone has taken the plunge, you will have accomplished something extraordinary…supporting Special Olympics while having the time of your life.