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1st Annual Swim Clinic for Special Olympics for Competitive Swimmers

Emphasis on Stroke Techniques

Sunday, January 8, 2017

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Fremont Family YMCA

810 N. Lincoln Avenue

Fremont NE  68025



(Snow date if cancellation necessary, is January 15th, 2017)


Focus will not be on teaching new strokes, but refining what you already have.

The Program Philosophies:  The Four B’s: (Breathing, Buoyancy, Body Position, & Balance)


This first clinic will focus on the freestyle stroke, as well as well as starts and turns for the stroke.

Focuses in depth on:  Breathing, improving body roll, rhythm, timing and feel for the water.



Clinic Structure

The clinic is interactive, with plenty of discussion around your questions and your individual stroke.  There will be Classroom time, pool sessions, and some fun!

 The Basics of Freestyle, including common misunderstandings and pitfalls.

 Enhancing Your Efficiency in the Pool, so you can swim further more easily.

 Generating More Propulsion in the Water, this will have you moving faster - surprisingly without working harder.


You will come away from a clinic with a clear understanding of your current stroke and the changes you need to make to improve it.



The clinic, is not physically demanding and is suitable for anyone who can swim 100 yards continuously.


Clinic has a maximum of 48 attendees. This allows for ample pool/lane space. 



Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to get the most out of your day!



You will need to bring:

1. Swimming gear, i.e. swim suit, cap, goggles, towels and lock for your locker.

2. Loose comfortable clothing for land-based practical sessions.

3. A pair of flippers or fins, if you own them, otherwise there will be several pair to use for the clinic.

4. An open mind and the willingness to learn new skills to help you improve!

5. A light packed lunch, a few snacks and a water bottle.

Stroke Clinic Registration
List athlete names if RSVP'ing for more than one person.