Sporting Events

2017 State Flag Football Tournament - York

Click the link below to download Saturday Schedule. Sunday's Schedule will be made after Saturday's results are in. Please wait for coaches to contact you regarding Sunday games.


Location: Flag Football games York High School   1715 N. Delaware Ave York, NE 68467

Team check in at 8:00 am.

Opening Ceremonies line up at 8:30 am.  Teams will line up at the corner of the track where they would start the 100 meter dash.  Then teams will march along the track toward the announcers booth.  Once opening is over please head out to your fields.

Games begin 9:00 am.

Ice Cream Social 3:00- 5:00 pm. at the York County Court house (510 N. Lincoln Ave. York, NE 68467. when you leave the high school take a right out of the parking lot, and then an other right on 6th Street.  The court house is located between Grant ave and Lincoln ave on 6th Street.)

The football game Friday night is played at East Hill Park. ( 901 E. 6th Street York, NE 68467).  The kick off for that game is 7:00 PM.  At 6:59 they will make an announcement recognizing Special Olympics and have them stand up in the stands.  (Note):  They shoot off a cannon every time the York team scores.  The cannon is located in the East corner of the stadium. If your athlete is sensitive to loud noises you may want to sit in the West section of the bleachers. 


Penalty rule that we will use.  The coach can accept or decline any penalty.  (Option 1 in the rule book)

Clock stoppage and time outs. Running clock until the final minute of each half.  Clock stops on dead balls.  Each team gets one time out per half not to be carried over.  (Option 2 in rule book)

Overtime:  Each team gets two possession, highest score wins.  If it comes down to distance, it doesn’t matter how the distance is gained.  So it could be gained by a penalty.  Check the rules for more in depth answer on this issue.